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          • 嘉銘中心
          • 嘉銘·東楓產業園
          • 嘉銘·奧森產業園
          • 天津濱海國際森林莊園
          • 那里花園
          • 京東科技大廈
          • 嘉銘巢生-張江生命園


          On March 23, 2018, the Hand-painted Art Exhibition of "My Ideal Office Space" sponsored by Jiaming Investment Group opened at Jiaming Center. The art exhibition is a showcase of the hand-painted collection of "my ideal office space" issued by the group in December 2017. It is also a centralized presentation of the people's imagination of the future office space. This art exhibition will last until April 22nd. During the period, a large number of outstanding works will be collected and selected in the early stage activities.

          As the core intellectual capital, we always attract and train the best talents, and we gather and operate global resources, understand every project opportunity, and operate the tangible and intangible assets of the city with wisdom.

          To build a sustainable culture and value for the city is the mission of Jiaming investment. We make good use of the professional knowledge and strength in various fields, and actively promote the popularization and practice of the concept of (green building, property sustainable operation, health and safety, culture and art, charity and charity, etc.), and promote the more and more harmonious and friendly people of every person, community and city.